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Beam Infotech is a leading global distributor of electronic components, supply chain management and consulting firm that embrace a well developed framework and technology to guide different projects. We provide instantaneous access to the prevalent, available to-sell catalog, rates practicable and a broad spectrum of additional benefits, combined all together to make us the best proposition against our contenders.

Gone the days of the old saying “if any company had control within its four walls, actions were smooth, expenditures were managed and clientele were happy.” Due to copious exterior elements that increased the impact on the business and of interior decisions this saying becomes myth. Moreover, with increased competition, rapidly changing customer demands, global markets and world economic factors have stimulated a shattering ball of external business forces.

Companies who are still focusing their attention on limited areas are getting capacity issues, transportation problems, inventory surplus, and difficulty with aftermarket sales and likewise. The reason behind is that the value chains are now prepared up of big networks, and the attention has to widen to all providers in that value chain concerning not only the substantial surge of materials, but the practical gush of information.

Customer value is the result of the collective endeavor of the collection of players inside the supply chain. Every feeble link can cut down the effective of customer value in that particular chain. The most flourishing global companies are now constructing business stratagems that involve every member of that supply chain all through the entire product lifecycle: commencing from choosing suppliers to post-market services with optimizing their suppliers’ presentation for amplified competence and eminence.

Beam Infotech has an extensive experience of managing back-to-back supply chains of international companies. We refurbish the approach organization manufacture, move and observe parts and products through their supply chains, proffering them with an improvement that are exceptionally intricate for opponents to follow. We associate with organizations of all sizes and types in complete Supply Chain Management to exploit effectiveness and efficiency using flexible practices and create a responsive value chain that incessantly convey world-class value to their customers. Our unparalleled SCM services are indistinguishable with terminals, connectors, wiring harnesses and other associated automotive industries. We are already managing a supply chain of European Company and now we are concentrating on the development of switch assembly of four wheelers like FIAT, Volkswagen, BMW, KIA, and RENAULT.

We design strategies for our client’s supply chain management and help them to increase their market share, as well as earnings. With our progressive tools that encompass computer applications to optimize specific components are unsurpassed. We truly believe that SCM and its components should have two essentials: service and the cost. Both aspects are well connected, and neither one of these can be well allowed with segregation. This conclusion from the perception that virtually any level of service can be provided in ultra reasonable cost is driven from hard work and genuine effort of our team workers who are well qualified engineers, having years of experience in this field.

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